Design and implement solutions to help develop Africa: this was the first ambition of globally renowned Malian entrepreneur Samba Bathily when in 2005 he founded ADS, bringing together a group of dynamic companies active in strategic sectors for continent - access to energy and water; project financing and consulting; technologies and media; real estate and hotels; distribution and franchises; industrial development; automobile, and maitime logistics. ADS operates as an integrated platform specializing project management, as well as in the provision of services and equipment, servicing African states, African and foreign multinationals and people of the continent. Depending on the needs identified, we are able to provide support all along the value chain, from project-financing to the delivery of finished products - or we can join at specific stages when our expertise is most relevant. Pease stay tuned to know more about us and do not hesitate to reach out if you think we can assist!


Hamdallaye ACI 2000 Bamako Mali ML

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