Advanced Patent Technologies Africa (APTAFR) seeks out innovation in electricity generation. We produce electricity for electricity generating companies and consumers of all kinds with two objectives in mind, the cleanest electricity source, and the lowest price APT provides innovative products and solutions in the field of energy power generation. APT designs and manufactures alternative power systems including home generators, residential and commercial size systems as well as larger systems that can be tied into the grid or the domestic and international markets. We do this by manufacturing best of class electricity generators that run on gasoline, diesel, Propane, (propane is a green fuel source), Natural Gas, Wind, and even slow-moving hydro-power application with an efficiency of 96.7% or higher. Our motors are designed and sized to provide maximum efficiency and to consume the smallest amount of fuel while providing maximum coverage for peak demand power consumption needs, and peak amperage draw demands. APT is also developing electric power systems that could run electric vehicles at the lowest economic cost! scalable to fit residential homes, up to large commercial needs


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