Africa Mining Insight published by Media Insight, is Africa’s premier mining journal which provides the updates of news and analysis on topical issues of national and international importance in mining. It is a publication which links the technology applied in the mining sector to the field experience of professionals of this area. All aspects of the Mining cycle, from exploration to closure and reclamation, fall within the realm on the interest of the journal. The journal, by design, offers advertisers unparalleled exposure to a captive audience. The Africa Mining Insight’s editorial content is built around its dedicated industry sector sections, which gets into the guts of real issues. The journal also analyses sectorial issues involving mining developments / projects, miners, mining regions, issues and latest technology and a host of specialized mining products. Africa Mining Insight is content rich and information driven journal with its unique style of presentation. It provides a comprehensive information on the market and industry, economic and policy issue, scientific advances, latest technology and latest news and analysis on the development in mining.


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