Africa Power is a multi-country provider of distributed energy services Africa Power installs, owns and operates clean, high-quality, cost-effective generation systems. We supply electricity for commercial energy needs (such as telecoms towers or agricultural processing). We deploy proven distributed energy technologies to provide affordable and scalable power services to local communities and individual households. Our unique value proposition delivers an attractive business and sustainable benefits The business uses a unique “Anchor-Business-Community-Domestic” model, which exploits the synergies between commercial, community and household energy needs. A-B-C-D enables the adoption of clean energy at off-grid locations at lower cost than diesel generators or kerosene lights/candles. Our model removes the upfront capex associated with renewable technologies and eliminates concerns about the long-term economic viability and scalability of using mini-grids to deliver rural electrification. The strategy provides a distinctive value proposition and powerful combination of benefits to key stakeholders in rural electrification


Tanzanian Subsidiary Dar es Salaam TZ

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