APH has opened up its operations in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. We are involved in provision of health services of emergency nature, hospitalizations and routine outpatients at our accredited preferred providers and hospitals that transverse every major township in the region. Our mission is to provide affordable access to sustainable quality healthcare in Africa through the use of innovative expertise through an efficient, seamless experience. Our Well-managed highly motivated and caring teams achieve this through their innovative efforts. APH will continue to conduct a business, which is profitable to its shareholders, rewarding to its staff, invaluable to its members and respectful of the environment. Managing Sustainable Healthcare Central to APH The cost of delivering health services is escalating rapidly and central to APH’s is cost effective management of healthcare without compromising quality. We call this concept ‘Managed Care’. Essentially this means: - The most appropriate treatment, - at the most affordable prepaid price, - by the most appropriate practitioner Whereas most private doctors work on a fee-for-service basis meaning that the more they see you as a patient, the more revenue they get which invariably results in over-servicing, APH’s approach is the complete opposite. Members pre-pay a premium and APH has to bear the cost if members keep coming back for treatment. APH therefore has a financial and ethical interest in keeping members healthy. APH focuses on primary and preventive health care where the prescription of drugs, referrals to Specialists and admissions to hospital are recommended as the need arises. Quality is central to APH’s service philosophy. The use of Standard Treatment Guidelines together with Standard Operating Procedures and Drug Formularies which conform to international guidelines and World Health Organisation standards is the key to its operations.


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