The African Retail Forum is coming to the heart of Africa with 5000+ seats and 100+ speakers. With valuable insights and fire in our eyes, we are coming to the diversely rich cultural extravaganza. With easy access to multiple airlines to excellent internet service and telecommunications, we are setting foot to explore numerous exemplary industrial opportunities. The retail landscape of Africa is facing an inevitable change with the booming population, emerging technologies and expeditiously developing economies. Africa holds the fastest rate of urbanization in today’s world and these are some of the many factors that shape the future of the African retail forum. With the rise of Millenials and middle-class people, the eagerness and awareness to consume new products have also resurfaced. Brand recognition has become an integral part of African consumers and it has maximized the chances of international brands to capitalize.


House No.-24, Street No.-KK334, Plot No. UPI:1/03/09/02/940 Kigali, Rwanda RW

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