From farm to fork, our stringent manufacturing process undergoes constant evolution to ensure that customers receive nothing but exceptional quality. A wide product offering allows us to cater to a plethora of consumers. Whether they are preparing meals with our range of cooking oils, keeping their family protected against harmful bacteria with our range of personal care and laundry soaps, or illuminating their homes with our carefully made candles, nothing satisfies us more than knowing that we are changing the lives of our consumers for the better. Africa SunOil is focused on building sustainable relationships based on a personal quality given to all transactions, with a genuine effort to realise success for our customers and to crete trusted brands for our customers who expect value, in a time where only quality and price seem to count. Our Products allow us to journey into the lives of our customers and together, we enjoy life more. Africa Sunoil is a trusted name in oil and fat products in Southern Africa. We will deliver efficiently produced, high quality product consistently, to our chosen markets and will have a strong reputation known for reliability, productivity and customer-centricity.


1272 South Coast Road Durban KwaZulu-Natal ZA

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