AR Africa is a water treatment product provider for the Southern African market. We are proud to be the distributors of manufactured solutions and products from Hydranautics, BEL and PWT. AR Africa as a team are focused on service, technical knowledge and experience sharing for the water treatment industry within our core product range of reverse osmosis systems, chemicals and filtration but also able to engage on other area's such as waste water treatment, process separation and municipal waste water. Our products are being used in all sectors within society from under the counter filtration system all the way to desalination for drought stricken cities. Used in mining to treat waste water or on municipal waste plants to reduce the amount of process water drawn from the potable reserves, our products can be found in tens of millions of peoples day to day lives. AR Africa is able to supply: Reverse Osmosis Pressure Vessels Micro & Ultra-Filtration Modules Reverse Osmosis Elements Process Separation Elements Membrane Bio Reactor Modules Membrane pre-treatment and antiscalant chemicals Membrane cleaning chemicals For quotes, spares and support please contact info@arafrica,co,za +27 11 574 0859


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