Bidco Africa Ltd. was originally established as a manufacturing organization, committed to using the most efficient modern technologies to produce a superior range of products. Over the years, Bidco successfully won over the market, becoming, the largest and fastest growing manufacturer of vegetable oils, fats, margarine, soaps and detergents in East and Central Africa. The market success of these products has led Bidco to look to the future and expand its horizons. As the company expands its network across Africa it has evolved into a Marketing Organization. Currently, Bidco market the largest and widest range of quality edible oil and hygiene products in East and Central Africa. Bidco has a vision for the future. Producing high quality, popular products, we are now determined to become the Market Leader throughout Africa by 2030 We plan to achieve this not just through modern marketing, but through customers delight. We believe that any manufacturer’s greatest asset is its consumers. Therefore ,we are committed not just to winning customers, but to keeping their loyalty to Bidco products forever. With affordable pricing, reliable service and the best available brands, Bidco is delivering the best to their customers. Our products play an essential part in the daily lives of people throughout Africa. We don’t just meet the customer’s needs, we give them the best. With a firm commitment to the community and environment, we are constantly exploring new ways to improve and expand. We believe in systems and have applied the latest technological and managerial systems to ensure that their production, distribution, marketing and strategic planning are all at world class standards.


General Kago Drive, Thika Thika Thika KE

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