Cala Capital Africa (formerly Neu Capital Africa) facilitates investments between African businesses and alternative and institutional investors seeking to deploy $5m to $50m in debt, equity or a hybrid. We regard alternative capital as any capital which cannot be raised through the major banks or public markets, ie private equity, credit and mezzanine funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and sophisticated investor funds. Cala Capital Africa takes its name from an Nguni language expression for neutral, “engathathi cala”, or “not to take a side”. It honours our past as Neu Capital Africa, where ‘Neu is for neutral’, and our future focus on African capital-seekers. We work particularly closely with leading boutique corporate finance advisors by distributing their transactions to our investment community. Contact us if you are: (1) an investor seeking high quality vetted investments in Africa in the $5m to $50m range, or (2) a corporate finance advisor, or an investee company, seeking to access to capital for an African business in the $5m to $50m range and would like us to evaluate whether to present your deal to our extensive investor base. Unmatched capital-matching. The clean platform for clean deals in Africa.


100 Armstrong Avenue La Lucia KwaZulu-Natal ZA

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