On the 3 April 2001 Mr David Campbell opened his law practise at Umhlanga, under the name of Campbell Attorneys. In the initial period the firm services were general civil litigation but quickly became a niche practise concentrating on high value contingency litigation. Since its inception, the practise has grown substantially and now boasts branches in Durban and Pretoria as well as consultation facilities in Sandton, which has become necessary due to the demand for quality specialised service in the often complex aspect of Personal injury law. The firm due to its extended network is able to accept nationwide referrals and service clients throughout SA. The firm concentrates on obtaining compensation for clients that have suffered injuries arising from diverse causes such as - motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, Police brutality matters, dog-bite cases, neglect in standards of care due to the public on public & private property, often called “slip and trip” matters. The firm is mindful that the costs of litigation and obtaining medico legal experts and other expert opinions is now astronomical and therefore, if the prospects of success are assessed as fair, accept instructions on contingency. This ensures that the client has a range of top notch experts who provide premium investigations and opinions, resulting in matters being litigated for what they are actually worth, at minimal risk to no risk for the client. In addition to its primary focus, the firm takes on a number of commercial litigation matters on a contingency fee basis especially revolving around the issuing of tenders and non payment by the Government. The firm also addresses the challenging aspect of obtaining responses and decisions from Government and Public functionaries, who omit to take a decisions on time or at all. In this regard the firm utilises the provisions of The Promotion to Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 &The Promotion of Administration of Justice Act 3 of 2000.


58 St Andrews Drive Durban ZA

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