CelebrateLAB West Africa is a Regional Conference Highlighting Medical Diagnostics in Africa. The annual meeting brings together laboratory professionals, policy makers, regulators and stakeholders who play vital roles in Laboratory Systems Strengthening. The outbreak of the Ebola Virus in the region in 2014 emphasized the need for developing healthcare systems in a manner that provides for public-private Partnerships and ways to fill in the gaps where governments have competing priorities. The outbreak brought to the fore vulnerabilities of health systems in the region and reminded stakeholders of the need for sub regional exchanges and experience-sharing in order to have better health outcomes as populations move across borders. Effective diagnostic environments and access to knowledge are essential for global health systems. However, there continue to be a gap in laboratory systems across the region. #CelebrateLAB, the annual exchange with laboratory professionals, clinicians, pathologists, international organizations and other stakeholders is one of its kind in the region. In its 7th year, CelebrateLAB West Africa, is the only conference that brings together laboratory professionals and other stakeholders from across the West Africa region. The event provides a venue for stakeholders across West Africa to access information of importance to Laboratory Systems Strengthening (LSS) The program content offer learning experience that provides continuing education to laboratory professionals. CelebrateLAB is also a space to network and share best practices across the W. Africa region, and to develop public-private partnerships to enhance the LSS environment. The annual meeting also strengthen labor-force for cross border trade in skills, knowledge, and experience. Great venue to showcase vendors and suppliers and to share expertise and technology best suited for W. Africa. This year's event takes place in Accra, Ghana, April 20- 22nd at Alisa Hotel. Join us!


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