Copper Tubing Africa (CTA) is one of the leading copper tube manufacturers in sub-Saharan Africa. With experience stretching back as far as the 80s, we have built extensive technical knowledge that support us in maintaining high quality levels in the production process. We have built a reputation in the industry for manufacturing the highest grade copper tubing for use in multiple applications and industries. Domestic: The health and safety of occupants are ensured by quality, reliable piping used in the domestic plumbing market to which copper tubing is a preference to many homeowners. Refrigeration: CTA produces a range of copper tubing for use in fridges and freezers. Copper is durable, safe and reliable, making it the ideal solution for use in refrigeration. Medical: Copper is ideal for use in medical applications because of its bacterial growth hindering properties and the fact that organic materials and contaminants are not absorbed thereby. Industrial: CTA is one of the only manufacturers that is able to produce square and rectangular profiled tubing for the industrial market in sub-Saharan Africa. Antimicrobial: CTA produces a range of fit-for-purpose products that leverage the anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties of copper for use in a variety of applications. The cornerstone of our operations lies in providing the best service in the market. We do this by developing long-term relationships with our clients and through the provision of expert technical training – free of charge. In fact, we’re the only copper tubing manufacturers in South Africa that offers product training to the market. Basic Info Location: Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth Products: Product range includes copper products for Domestic, Refrigeration, Medical, Industrial and Antimicrobial Industries


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