Whatever your requirements, when it comes to long-term corrosion prevention, we have the solution for you. Over the last 90 years, Denso have been creating bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions that provide enduring protection against corrosion and chemical attack to buried and exposed pipes, valves, fittings, steelwork, marine structures, tanks and concrete bunded areas. The product range includes; hand and machine applied tape wrap systems, liquid epoxy coatings, chemical and corrosion resistant tank linings and coatings, heat shrink sleeves, abrasion resistant outerwraps and corrosion control for jetty piles and marine structures. For 90 years Denso have been a world leader in providing innovative and permanent corrosion prevention solutions over hand tool cleaned steel surfaces, whilst reducing applied coating costs and meeting the most stringent health & safety requirements. From sub-zero environments to extreme high temperatures, our range of products are capable of withstanding the toughest conditions, as well as proving to be cost-effective and maintenance free for many years to come. That’s why our customers across a number of industries trust Denso to deliver the highest quality solutions.


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