Hello and thank you for joining! We see an increase in consumption for commodities due to upward trends in urbanization and industrialization, therefore, the Process, Energy and Mining industry plays an important role in our lives. These growing demands will continue to drive the industry for many years. This calls for the Digitalization of workflows to meet these increasing demands while optimizing business operations. The purpose of this platform is for professionals in the Process, Energy and Mining segment (across Africa), to discuss and share information regarding the successful digitalization of workflows as well as trends in this industry. The aim of these exchanges is ultimately to advance efficiency and effectiveness, as well as improve profitability, through better workflow management. Feel free to share your thoughts via the many channels available to you in this group i.e. comment on our posts, engage with the other members and message us if you're a little shy! As a fellow thought leader, we want to hear YOUR voice so let us know If you’d like a specific piece of content shared. Powered by WorldsView Technologies in collaboration with Autodesk, Topcon and ESRI


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