EcoWorx Africa is a multi-product marketing and sales company providing environmentally safe solutions to industrial, municipal, agricultural and residential wastewater management, as well as hazardous waste and pollution remediation. EcoWorx Africa products sold under the Microbe-Lift brand name has been proven, with over thirty years of successful in market trial and usage, to be extremely effective in a broad spectrum of applications and treatments. EcoWorx Africa’s products are unique formulations of naturally occurring bacteria designed to clean-up environmental waste and pollution problems. EcoWorx Africa solves these environmental problems in ways that are compatible with nature’s own processes of recycling organic waste. EcoWorx Africa’s approach focuses on utilizing bacteria and fungi, as well as specialized enzymes and nutrients, to accelerate the natural process of degrading organic waste, and then recycling these basic elements of life back into the environment. EcoWorx Africa’s core product is a unique consortium of bio-cultures that contains highly effective aerobic, anaerobic, facultative, chemo- and photosynthetic microorganisms that are perfectly safe for humans, animals and plant life. Working in harmony with nature, Microbe-Lift helps rapidly restore the natural balance while providing a host of ancillary benefits. Microbe-Lift complies with the strictest environmental regulations. Microbe-Lift is a non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable non-pathogenic products authorized by the USDA for the treatment and clean-up of environmental waste.


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