EVEREADY® East Africa Ltd (the "Company") is a public limited liability company incorporated in Kenya. The Company has two fully owned subsidiaries, Flamingo Properties Uganda Limited and Flamingo Properties Kenya Limited (altogether referred to as the "Group"). The Company is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and was founded in 1967. The Company is the largest supplier of portable power solutions in East Africa. This together with one of the best distribution systems in East Africa and world class brands has ensured the Company long term success. Continued product expansion and keen desire to understand what the consumer expects and what the competitors are doing has remained the priority areas for our Company. EVEREADY™s heritage is also tied to employee dedication and team work. The Company distributes EVEREADY® dry cell 'D' size and size 'AA' carbon zinc primary batteries and ENERGIZER® alkaline and rechargeable batteries throughout the East Africa region and also provides flashlights under both brand names for abroad spectrum of usage and shaving razors, blades and accessories under brand name SCHICK®. The Company has also recently introduced the TURBO® brand of automotive batteries, the PIANO range of writing instruments as well as the EVEREADY range of luminaries and now the CLOROX® brand of household bleach. Our products are recognized for their distinct quality. EVEREADY has an extensive network of associates and distributors whose support for its business in East Africa forms a far reaching network to ensure that the company meets the energy, portable power, shaving and cleaning requirements of people in East Africa.


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