Fanergy Africa is a privately managed business. In the marketplace, we are trading as Bethe brand. FA was founded in 2015 with an idea of providing affordable sustainable energy equipment, but due to the gaps found in the tea and food products on the market, Fanergy Africa switched to producing consumer products which add value to the health and well-being of the people. It is where the procession of products like ginger (Tangawizi), ginger tea, cinnamon and cinnamon tea, fine packed honey plus snacks like cakes, cupcakes, daddies, ginger cookies, and so on were birthed. Our endeavors are focused on producing tasty and valuable products committed to making our customers’ lives easier and better every day. We work as a team to design, create, produce and distribute numerous quality products that we are proud of for folks that we believe in. We are an innovative value addition firm that loves to explore, create, learn, re-learn, unlearn, and partner with others. Creating jobs, and giving back to the community is generally imperative to us as far as success and transformation is concerned. Apart from wheat products which we purchase directly from our suppliers, other products are procured from less privileged farmers across the country. We keep a close eye on every item purchased from these Ugandan farmers to maintain the quality of our products distributed to the marketplace.


Maya, Wakiso district UG

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