Farm Grid Africa is an organization of agricultural, health ad tech experts with a particular interest in improving agriculture in Africa and promoting one health. Over the years as an organization, we have carried out sub-projects including education to farmers on the best agricultural practice and the misuse of antibiotics for raising birds, vaccination for animals, and our Farm sponsorship program running for 3 years and counting. To optimize yield for Agro-investors, the Farm Grid project idea was conceived. We are integrating the blockchain technology into agriculture, this would improve our food supply system and increase yield for agricultural investors. OUR SERVICES We are building a farming App that allows anyone anywhere in the world to participate in food production here in Africa. We are building the Farm Grid Farm-to-store tracker, the Farm Grid NFT marketplace and we are generating the $GRID token that would be used to incentify all our farmers and sponsors. Being a farmer in the Farm Grid community will allow you to earn perpetually from the blockchain through staking sponsors' funds into a layer 2 Defi protocol Eg Xend finance, earning from the real farm proceeds, and also getting the $GRID token as incentive. Thus earning is in 3 folds.


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