Grand Africa Initiative(GAI) is a non-governmental organisation that Grooms, Educates/Empowers and Mentors(GEM) youth to develop their unique ideas, talents, abilities and full potentials. We champion excellence across sectors for the sustainable development of Africa through promoting quality education and innovation as foundations for achieving individual, community, state and national goals. We encourage the African youth to define their personal ambitions within the overall collective aspirations of their local communities and the world at large. Our vision is a prosperous continent, characterised by sustainable development driven by curious, capable, entrepreneurial and innovative youth. Our programs are focused on the youth with special attention to the youth in rural communities. We believe that when most youth are equipped to give their best to their communities, a better, safer and more developed society will emerge. Our Programs Includes: -Training and Capacity Building -Interventions - Scholarships -Academic Competitions and Rewards - Celebrations of Young Achievers -Mentorship Programs - Psychological support and counselling -Entrepreneurship and Innovation -Donations of Educational Material -Donation of Digital Equipment to Schools -Digital Skills Trainings -Soft Skills Training - Set up of Common Digital Centres for learning digital skills -Youth Focused Summits/Conferences/Awards Our Values: F= Focus I=Integrity R=Results E=Excellence S=Synergy Let’s Ignite FIRES in AFRICA!!!

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