We are a specialist apple & pear company based in the Western Cape, South Africa that operates throughout the agricultural value chain. We spend our time growing, procuring, cooling and packing the finest, freshest fruit from producers all over the apple and pear regions of South Africa. Here at Ideafruit we know that sustainability in the fruit industry lies in the value chain. Our farmers spend 11 months growing the right fruit. Once harvested it will be sent to one of our packsheds to be cooled, packed and dispatched to markets around the globe. Our marketing division closes the gap between our farmer and the market by keeping customers informed of the coming harvest. They also source new markets and customers for producers based on the fruit size, colour and quality information being received from our technical team on the ground. Each division plays a crucial role in ensuring we get the right fruit in the right carton into the right market at the right time.


De Beers Avenue Somerset West Western Cape ZA

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