KAS Research & Manufacturing was formed with one goal in mind: manufacturing personal care, homecare and oral care products to the highest quality. Some of the world’s biggest brands are KAS Research & Manufacturing customers, using the company’s full-house service. KAS is one of only a handful of facilities in Southern Africa with the ability to offer a total service and quality system that includes specialised research capabilities. Quality is essential to the company, which provides the world-class facilities, specialised equipment and highly-skilled professionals needed to create the perfect synergy of research excellence and manufacturing expertise. KAS is built on trust, reliability and quality. The company ensures that each its clients - big or small, global or local - gains significant scale and unparalleled capability, delivered with unquestionable quality through every step of the value chain. Research excellence - KAS Research & Manufacturing focuses on innovative design and quality, placing these at the core of its manufacturing services. The company operates a global centre of research and testing excellence, to provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to advance contract manufacturing. 360-degree service - KAS Research & Manufacturing prides itself on being agile in responding to customers’ needs. The company provides an integrated just-in-time value chain and a full-scale production capability, from concept to completion. Gold standard in quality - KAS Research & Manufacturing maintains the highest levels of quality. Producing a superior quality product that complies with all applicable industry standards and outshines client expectations, the company is ISO accredited. World-class facility - KAS Research & Manufacturing is the leading manufacturing plant on the continent in terms of size, volume, product variety and capability standards.


Johannesburg Gauteng ZA

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