EdCast Africa enables organizations across the continent to create a future-ready workforce, enhance performance and build a culture of collaborative innovation. EdCast is an award-winning, AI-powered Knowledge Cloud for Unified Discovery, Personalized Learning. The company has customers including Fortune 500 companies and multinational organizations. EdCast uses artificial intelligence and its curation engine to bring together organizations' internal learning content, expert insights along with millions of external resources into an easy-to-use, personalized learning experience and knowledge platform. Since its founding at Stanford University, EdCast has been recognized by industry analysts as a new type of digital learning platform that is learner-centric and learner-driven. Powered by content pulled from many internal and external sources -- and enhanced by collaborative knowledge-sharing from within the organization -- EdCast is the application layer that facilitates personalized learning with proprietary AI and machine learning. Mobile first and embedded with social and collaboration capabilities, EdCast delivers both a superior learning experience for employees and enhanced levels of performance for organizations.


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