Marsavco is the largest FMCG manufacturers in Central Africa. Margarines, Savons (Soap) and Cosmetics, or MARSAVCO in initials, is an industrial and commercial company and the biggest manufacturer of these products in DRC. Founded in 1922; this plant was amongst the first of the Unilever’s international manufacturing operations until 2000. In 2002, the company officially became part of the Rawji group. Large investment has been made by Rawji Group to modernize and revolutionize the company. The technology has been imported from Europe. The quality of oil is at par with the best in the world standards. Marsavco refined oil goes through the strictest quality controlled and computerized manufacturing process with online monitoring. Our Product portfolio: • Personal Care: Cosmetics, Toilet Soaps, Talc, Hand-wash, Body-wash, • Home Care: Laundry Soaps, Detergents & Liquid Detergents, Scouring Powder • Food: Cooking Oils, Cooking Fat, Margarine Our well-known portfolio of brands: LE COQ, MONGANGA, BLUE BAND, SIMBA, BONA, BRILLANT, SUMAMOUSSE, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL - Cosmetics range and many others


Av. Kalemie no. 1, BP8914 Kinshasa CG

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