Medecom has been developing software solutions for digital radiology and Mammography in France for twenty years. We address our acquisition, diagnosis, archiving and communication solutions to distributors and medical devices manufacturers throughout the world. Our solutions are CE marked and FDA certified, and Medecom is ISO 13485 certified. Our areas of expertise : - Acquisition (flat panel and software solutions for radiology and mammography) - Post treatment image processing and diagnostic (digital radiology, stitching and mammography) - Image communication (telemedicine, mini PACS, archiving) Medecom has created a new structure in Morocco to better meet the needs of the African market, and allows us to offer a wide range of solutions: • The digital radio solution and stitching • The transition from analog to digital • Flat sensors to transform an analog table into a digital one, and the mammo flat panel solution which transform an analog mammogram into a digital one • Mobile lung screening unit • The mammo diagnostic solution • A.I for the lungs and the bones • Web server, tele radiology • Secure archiving • Print gateway for printing on paper • Supply of consumables


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