For many women in Africa, days are busy. Not only do they do 60% of the agricultural work, but also manage the household. Often the biggest use of their time is spent walking, getting from one place to another. Women walk long distances to fetch water, or get to the river to do the dishes or clean the clothes. Faced with a lack of services and infrastructure, rural women carry a great part of the burden of providing water and fuel for their households. Mobility for Africa, registered as Locomotion Africa in Zimbabwe, is a start up social enterprise committed to creating transport solutions for rural and peri-urban communities that are affordable, efficient and environmental friendly. By leveraging technological know-how and manufacturing skills, Mobility for Africa will produce a low-cost quality renewable electric tricycles, bicycles and small scale vehicles that are built for a rural environment. Branded under “Mobility for Africa”, the transport will be designed to cater to the user’s need for local mobility, provide long term and low interest financing to make them accessible and invest in the longer term off grid community based renewable power solutions.


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