In today™s noisy, competitive world, where consumers are bombarded with advertising messages, marketers are constantly seeking new and innovative advertising mediums that will give their brand a competitive edge. Motion Icon now presents a unique opportunity to maximise brand awareness and increase sales globally, nationally or in targeted geographical areas in high visibility locations across all income and demographic groups. Escalator step branding is a simple yet revolutionary development that gives advertisers immediate access to their target market with an eye-catching, cost effective, moving media choice. Our product offers complete versatility, from clean branding to multi-messaging and co-branding, effective from up close or from a distance. Our creative templates are designed to ensure that your brand message is effective regardless of escalator occupancy. Since the early 1900s, when the first public escalator was installed at the Paris Exhibition, escalators have become the most convenient and popular method of public transportation between building floors. With more than 90 billion escalator trips throughout the world each year, escalator step advertising opens up an exciting new and impactful global advertising opportunity. Motion Icon now holds full patents on this dynamic product and has offices all around the world, with more and more advertisers realising the powerful potential of this dynamic product that is re-inventing the OOH Advertising Industry.


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