The newly owned Mr. South Africa competition promises to be bigger and better than ever, with exciting new brands and sponsors on board, a new mentorship program, amazing prizes to be won, challenges that would test the contestants and help them grow and achieve their full potential, this could only be a life changing journey for all who enter. What is the Mr South Africa Competition? A beauty,fashion,lifestyle event where men between the ages of 20 & 45 compete to be South Africa`s leading man irrespective of race,religion or sexual preference. Delivering champions of body,mind and soul as examples to a nation. That there are men of honour in South Africa where the abuse of women,children & the elderly are issues which need to be addressed on a national scale and how these men can change the mindset of other men in developing a culture of mutual respect,honour,decency,compassion,trust and honour.


Johannesburg gauteng ZA

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