ABOUT US MyFarmbase Africa registered as (MyFarmbase Enterprise) is an Agric-tech social enterprise that leverages ICT/digital media for quality research, extension and sustainable agricultural development in Africa. Founded in 2017, the organization explores the use of digital media such as blogs, social media, website, drones and chat-bots to provide real-time access to market, climate & production information, extension & agribusiness services to help boost food production in Africa. Vision, Mission and Objectives Vision: To be the foremost Agricultural Technology Organization that leverages innovative technologies to end hunger and promote food security in Africa. Mission: To leverage tech innovations to provide real-time access to market, climate and production information, extension and Agricultural development services to help boost food production in Africa. Company Objectives • To leverage emerging digital technologies to bridge information gap currently experienced by smallholder farmers and Agripreneurs in Nigeria. • To equip smallholder farmer in Nigeria with Climate Smart Agriculture skills in a bid to help them grow resilience to the impacts of climate change. • To equip youths with the knowledge of Tech use in Agriculture and how they can plug into the agric value-chain profitably as a means to combat rising youth unemployment in Nigeria. • To ethically provide agribusiness services that is line with our mandate as a way to contribute to the Gross Domestic Product *GDP* of Nigeria. 4.0 Company’s Business Focus i. Supply chain services: Strategic sourcing, logistics and inventory management of cash crops, farm inputs and farmlands ii. Agric-media services: Event coverage, advertisement, digital marketing, content development and branding services iii. Training and Consultancy services: Farm setup & management, climate smart agriculture and smart farming technology training


Abeokuta-Igboora-Iseyin Rd Odeda Ogun NG

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