At Neurologica we have a vision to showcase the true potential of our unique nation by harnessing the collective creativity and imagination that is waiting to be discovered inside our most powerful weapon – our brains. We believe that South Africans deserve an unrivalled approach to quality and pharmacological design. Using the latest research, we have created an exciting, fit-for-purpose range of products that give you the mental edge when you need to be all that you can be. Our Nootropic products are designed to be empowering and provide you with the incremental edge you need on how to think and deliver. Brainpower is about imagination and creativity and not just the ability to focus on getting things done. When you have the mental edge you are able to think inside AND outside the box, applying logic and creativity in harmony. Neurologica is there to support you on this journey. Neurologica specialises in bringing innovative nootropic and brain health formulations directly to the consumer. We endeavour to empower people to have balance and accomplishment in their everyday lives by giving them the freedom to choose alternatives to mainstream medication.


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