NewLight Africa is a start-up company which is improving the lives of rural Kenyan's one product at a time. Trading in Kenya as Heya!, we've created an exciting new sales and distribution brand in rural Africa; selling a wide range of life changing products including solar lights, clean cook stoves, water tanks and more. The products we sell bring a staggering range of benefits to our customers, many of whom are amongst the poorest people in the world. These products save people a lot of money; are more convenient to use; are safer than the technologies they're used to; are much healthier... and have a huge benefit to the environment, reducing pollution and CO2 emmisions. Our goal is to give rural Africans the products and service they need and want. We aim to help them improve their own lives. We are building a company based on A-grade staff; brilliant people with the skills, passion and attitude to help us build an extraordinary company. We are totally committed to creating a working environment which is inspiring, fun... and gives our staff room to grow, personally and professionally. A-grade staff are not common. They're the top 10% of the workforce. They are: Super smart Highly motivated to do an outstanding job Full of integrity With huge emotional intelligence If this is you and you're interested in working with us, follow our LinkedIn page and make sure you don't miss out on any opportunities.


Theta Lane Kilimani Nairobi KE

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