Why OHAir®MySpace™? OHAir MySpace destroys germs, bacteria and spores to give your family the healthiest air possible. The OHAir MySpace does more than purify your air; it sanitizes your air, improving your indoor air quality. Here’s why you should have OHAir MySpace in your home. The Cleanest Air for Your Family Air purifiers that use filters can only clean air that is pulled through the filter. The OHAir® MySpace™ uses atmospheric hydroxyls that clean all of the air in your indoor spaces. Kill Germs Fast The OHAir® MySpace™ hydroxyl generation technology kills 99.999% of flu causing organisms in your space within 4 hours. Mould Spores Eliminated Other air purifiers use filters. Filters can’t touch mould spores and what they can’t touch, they can’t stop. OHAir® MySpace's™ atmospheric hydroxyls seek out and destroy mould spores. Fresh Air Smells Better The OHAir® MySpace™ removes unpleasant odours caused by things like cooking, smoke, shoes, wet clothes, pets and – dare we say – even loved ones.


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