Live Busan Korea Never Sleep | Walking Around Crazy Seomyeon Night Street in Busan 부산 워킹 라이브 韓国釜山ライブ

Walking Around Crazy Seomyeon Night Street in Busan 부산 워킹 라이브 韓国釜山ライブ | Live Busan Korea Never Sleep #Busan #korea #Seomyeon #watchersclub #livestream
Shall we walk along the beautiful streets of the beautiful Busan, Korea’s second city?
한국의 제2 도시인 아름다운 부산의 아름다운 거리를 함께 걸어 볼까요?
Sollen wir durch die schönen Straßen der schönen Busan, Koreas zweitgrößter Stadt, spazieren?
¿Caminamos por las hermosas calles de la hermosa Busan, la segunda ciudad de Corea?
Allons-nous nous promener dans les belles rues de la belle Busan, la deuxième ville de Corée ?
Camminiamo lungo le bellissime strade della bellissima Busan, la seconda città della Corea?
Vamos passear pelas belas ruas da bela Busan, a segunda cidade da Coreia?
क्या हम कोरिया के दूसरे शहर खूबसूरत बुसान की खूबसूरत सड़कों पर चलेंगे?
هل نسير على طول الشوارع الجميلة لمدينة بوسان الجميلة ، ثاني مدينة في كوريا؟

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Beautiful Seoul, Korea. We invite you to a quiet and beautiful morning, a lively morning, and a colorful and beautiful night street. Before traveling to Korea, if you refer to the video, where should you go? What to do in Seoul? you will find out.
Welcome to Watchers club world Walking Tour TV, where new videos are broadcast every day.

▶︎ Location : Seomyeon street in Busan Korea
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